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How to make your own Epi-Man costume

We realize that many of you are just dying to know just how to look like your favourite superhero! Well, wait no more. Now you too can look just like Epi-Man...

Follow the instructions below, or download the instructions to print.

Remember: you can modify your costume any way you like - to be Epi-Girl, Epi-Boy, Epi-Woman.... even Epi-Dad or Epi-Mom for you adventurous parents!! And if you do make a costume, please send us a picture. We will put in on our League of Extraordinary Epi-Men and Epi-Women page!

Step one


Step Two

Step One
On a white t-shirt, iron on a picture of Epi-Man (you can use Avery®T-Shirt Transfer Paper). Download one of the Epi-Man pictures from the Epi-Man web site, or make your own.


Step Two
Buy some white tights. Make sure they are comfy, especially if you are not used to wearing tights!

Step one   Step Two

Step Three
Get some black undies to go over the tights. (Max used his Batman Underoos®undies!)


Step Four
Find some bright yellow rubber boots. (We found some at Wal-Mart®.

Step one   Step one

Step Five
Find a black belt that can carry your EpiPens®. (We used Max’s E-BELT®.)


Step Six
Get your mom or dad to help you make a white cape with yellow trim. Print the word “Epi-Man”or “Epi-Woman”on a piece of yellow felt and sew it to the back of the cape. If you want, put some rhinestones around the yellow felt to add some colour!

Step one   Step one

Step Seven
Make a black mask. Masks are tricky: for us, the best method was to cut out three copies of the same mask from black felt, and then glue those pieces together. But you can also use bristolboard. Then use elastic string to hold it onto your head.


Step Eight
Lastly, practice flying around looking for allergic kids to rescue. Epi-Man’s main goal is to keep kids safe by making sure that no one gives them unsafe food, and by helping them if they are having an allergic reaction. Remember: you too can be a hero!


Important stuff :

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