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Epi-Man and Epi-Man Jr. want to hear from you about allergies. It could be an idea about how to be a hero, or how to help others with allergies. It can be a story about something that happened to you, or about someone nice who helped you. It can even be a drawing.
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Yelling Kid"I Have Allergies!"
(a one-act play for children)

In 2005, Epi-Man's teacher wrote a play about him in French called J'ai des allergies! It was performed by Epi-Man and his grade 1 class-mates to a sold-out crowd.

PDF Download English Play
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Epi-Man Jr.Did you know that you can be a hero too?
Epi-Man and Epi-Man Jr. can't do it all. They need your help. Download these posters to remind you how you can be a hero too!

PDFDownload "Epi-men" poster (PDF file, 283 KB)

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Allergies are not always fun, we know, but Epi-Man and Epi-Man Jr. find that it makes them feel better if they talk about how they're feeling or make up stories about how life with allergies could be easier.

Send your story or picture — or whatever you want — to Epi-Man and Epi-Man Jr. at epi-manATepi-manDOTcom and we'll do our best to post it on this site. Make sure you tell us how old you are and what you're allergic to, so that other kids will know they aren't the only ones with allergies! (We promise only to use your first name, but if you'd prefer, we can just use your initials.)

Kid's HeadFrom Ewan

Ewan is 4 years old. He recently outgrew his life-threatening egg allergy. We are so happy for you, Ewan!!

Ewan recently told his mom that there is now a CURE for food allergies. Apparently, there's a machine .... It puts a special PIPE down your throat and vacuums up the food allergies. They get vacuumed into a big machine, mixed with water, and chopped up.

His mom asked him if this is how he got rid of HIS food allergy, and he said yes. She asked if you go to the allergist or the Children's Hospital to have this procedure done, and he said no, neither of these, you go to the all-people's hospital.

His mom asked if his allergist invented the allergy-chopping machine, and Ewan said, no — it was a guy called IVAN MATURO.

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